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Welcome to Maethor En Galad!
Warriors of Light


Through out time people have stood in the defense of many different things; 
Conquest, religious, freedom, rights, many things.
People have died for these things.

ut what people don't know is what goes on behind the scenes,
what the people in power, the media, doesn't tell you.

ven in times of peace there are battles being waged beneath
the surface, good verses evil, the never ending war
that has always existed.

Hope, is what drives the world. 
Faith, in something greater.
Belief, that tomorrow will be better.

Some one has to take a stand.
In both the spot light and in the shadows.
Take the stand for what is right,
no matter the cost.

We have chosen this.
We have power that others dream of.
We have been blessed.
And so, we will not keep this to ourselves,
but rather use it to aid the world
in its time of need.
Will you join us? 

What we do

-Weekly if not daily skirmishes
- Raids: When ever best fits the schedule
-Fellowships: if you need something speak up
-Equipment: Hey if we can make it, its yours
-Ventrilo: Yah we got that too
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